Hello Friend!

I‘m Theresa Haddow, an artist living in the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Theresa Haddow

I’ve always been creative. As a child I spent a lot of time alone so I was often left to my own devices and could always be found creating something. During law school, whenever I wasn’t working or studying, you could guarantee that I was planning some sort of crafting party with friends or trying to decorate my apartment with something inspired by Pinterest.

After I failed the bar (3 times) to become an attorney (I graduated law school so you can now address me as Dr. from here on out), I became pretty depressed. But this life pivot also gave me the opportunity to really think about the next steps that I wanted to take in life. As I thought about the things that brought me joy throughout my life, crafting and creating kept coming up in my memories.

I decided to get a job working retail at a stationery store that also had a craft department. I was hired as the Workshop Captain where I was in charge of teaching the craft classes. It was so much fun to see how much pride people would have in their completed projects. 

Then I became pregnant and had to stop working. I navigated a lot of postpartum depression and in an effort to try and find things to brighten my mood I again turned to the thing that had always been a part of my self healing - creativity.

A kid’s watercolor paint set and some brushes was all it took for me to once again find a moment of mindfulness just for me. It was as though the stressors and the problems of the world were quiet just for a moment as I watched colors blend together and learned the magic of being able to let go in a safe way.

As I shared my journey with my friends they began asking me if I would be willing to paint something for them or share my process. Itching to get more experience I happily obliged.

Currently I am lucky enough to sell originals and prints of my artwork as well as inspire others through teaching my process in my virtual or in personal workshops.

My goal is that through my work and classes that you give yourself the permission to explore and dream.

Because I have found how essential having a creative outlet is for our self care and mental health, my tutorials are there for you when that voice in your head says “I wish that I knew how to make that.” 

I want to empower you to embrace your own creativity.

I want to unlock your fear of not knowing what to do or where to start.

I want to give you a permission slip to play.

Oh yeah and about that little voice in your head.

Remember that the words you speak to yourself matter.

Your thoughts become truth.

Because of my own anxieties and depression, I know the impact of negative self talk and how difficult it is to change that conversation.

That is why each painting is named after a word of affirmation or shares the symbolism that each piece of artwork represents.

My hope is that my paintings and tutorials will inspire you to explore, dream, and play.