Hello Friend!

A woman confidently standing in front of an iconic landmark in San Francisco (the painted ladies) because she learned she has the power to storm the castle and saved herself
Don’t let the highlight reel, the good times that are shared here make you feel like you are the only one navigating something hard.

Here I am the month of my 38 birthday at a scene we all hold so very close to our hearts.

Throughout my life different people have always promised that next time we come into the city, they will make sure that I get to have this moment.

But that moment never came.

And then I figured out how to stop timidly, waiting for permission and how I can gather my magical little coven of powerful queens so we can utilize our super powers for good to fight what life is trying to throw at us.

What this picture doesn’t show is that we had to borrow money from two different people in order to cover the expenses of me having to stay unexpectedly in the city that will get reimbursed when the companies do their thing.

The $15 per meal that the airline was offering, didn’t feel like it was gonna be enough and well.
Damn the man.
But what else could I do?
I had some credit card points that I used on a bike ride experience and the mishap as an opportunity to explore San Francisco for the first time in my life.
On my terms. 
And finally do the things I’ve always dreamed of doing.

The Universe knew that I was always going to birth the Soul Work Summit.
Every single person that has ever taken a chance on me has made me the person that I am today. - You know who you are. 

Sure I’ll 🤬 up and miss communicate, and get annoyed and loudly air my grievances.

But also, I know that I’m never going to give up.
That I’m coming from a place of love and as a life long learner in this game my “why not” coupled with being “too much” is really me trying to understand you perspective while mirroring the energy that is being presented to me as I look for ways to change the story that someone else wrote for me and I light the path to show others that we can do the dang thing.
I’m just wanting to make every day the best day ever.
Disney wedding bride and groom (in a tartan) share their first bite of cake under a glittery best day ever sign.

The countdown is on.

I know what time I have to be ready for a redeye flight to NYC if I can get a support to try and make this little dream come true.

The only thing that I need is for a couple people to take a chance on me.

Now I’m off to go take a nap while I giggle to myself because well I’ll tell you all about musical terrorism and what a fun game it is to play and who taught me how to play it when I see you at the summit.