The Create Kit

What’s The Create Kit?

The Create Kit

The Create Kit is a monthly themed crafting kit. Each kit contains all the materials needed to complete two craft projects along with detailed picture instructions. There is even a developmental guide which highlights the different types of learning that is occurring in each crafting activity.

Why is the Create Kit right for you?

The Create Kit

The Create Kit allows you to do fun, developmentally appropriate crafts with your child without the hassle of researching crafts, running to the craft store or storing multiple supplies. Just open the box that is delivered straight to your door and craft!

If you like crafting with your child, helping them learn and saving money, then The Create Kit is just what you need!

What’s Included in Each Kit?

The Create Kit

Each month has a new unique theme. You will receive all the materials you need to complete two crafts.

Each kit also includes detailed instructions and pictures to make crafting fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The developmental guide included with every craft ensures that your child is not only having fun but learning while you do new activities together. I partner with experts in child development, speech and feeding, and other incredible women contribute to ensure each kit is jam packed with so much knowledge.

The Create Kit

There are a select few past kits available for purchase here!

The Create Kit is made with ages 1-5 in mind. However, some Kits could contain choking hazards making them unsuitable for children under 3 (did you know that a glue stick is a choking hazard and how could I have a craft kit that doesn’t give you a glue stick? I CAN’T). I am transparent about the items you will receive in your Kit so please use your best judgement when crafting with your kids and look at the materials section of each Kit! Okay enough boring law stuff… now on to the crafting fun!

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