Fall Florals - A Virtual Watercolor Class

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This virtual watercolor class was made just for you!

You will be able to connect with friends, make some new ones, and of course, learn how to make a beautiful watercolor bouquet of fall florals that you painted yourself.

All of the materials are shipped to your home prior to class. The materials include everything you'll need to make a stunning fall floral composition of your very own. You will learn to make the painting though digital print outs and the virtual class on October 10th.

The class will be hosted on October 10th at 7PM CST via zoom. It will be recorded and uploaded to a private Facebook Group where you can revisit the lesson for the month of October.

This will be an interactive event where you will be able to ask questions live. After the class is over, in the private Facebook Group you will have more opportunities to ask for feedback if there are areas that you need more clarification or assistance with.

The Following Items Are Included With Your Workshop Purchase:


  • 10 Well Paint Palette Filled With 9 Professional Grade Watercolors (the empty well is being left open for paint mixing)


  • Pigeon Letters Watercolor Brush


  • Archival Pen


  • Watercolor Paper


  • Practice Sheets


  • Live Video Instructions (Hosted October 10th at 7 PM CST, Class will be about 2 hours in length depending on the live questions that are asked)


  • Access to Private Facebook Group for the Month of October for more guided supported and access to a replay of video instructions.

Your supplies will be shipped by October 1st to ensure that they arrive in time for class.

By participating in this class you agree that all of the instructional materials are for personal use only and may not be copied or redistributed without prior written consent from Theresa Haddow, LLC.

Every artist is different so your work of art may look different than the one pictured.

Have more than one artist at home? Want to save a little money (duh, of course, you do)? Add extra supplies to your order and you'll get enough materials for the number of people you choose!