Virtual Watercolor Class Sunset Beach

Virtual Watercolor Class Sunset Beach

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If you have taken my Hand Lettering and Floral Watercolor Classes you Already Have Most of the Supplies, please email for a discount, your class will be $55, to cover the extra supplies you need, if you are low on any color that you currently have please let me know so I can include that in your package!

Note: Due to the materials needed to complete the class you must have attended both classes in order to obtain a full discount because of the extra brushes and paint needed to complete this project. If you have attended one class but not the other please email me so I can create a separate discount code for you and make a note about what materials you need. 

This virtual watercolor class was made just for you!

You will be able to connect with friends, make some new ones, and of course, learn how to make a beautiful watercolor sunset beach that you painted yourself.

All of the materials are shipped to your home prior to class. The materials include everything you'll need to make a stunning sunset beach composition of your very own. You will learn to make the painting through a virtual class on October 2nd.

The class will be hosted on October 3rd at 2PM CST via zoom. It will be recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube so you can revisit the lesson again and again.

This will be an interactive event where you will be able to ask questions live.


The Following Items Are Included With Your Workshop Purchase:


  • 10 Professional Grade Watercolors in a made for you Palette


  • 2 Pigeon Letters Watercolor Brushes sizes 6 and 2


  • Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White


  • Watercolor Paper


  • Practice Sheets


  • Live Video Instructions (Hosted October 3rd at 3 PM CST, Class will be about 2 hours in length depending on the live questions that are asked)

Your supplies will be shipped in a timely manner to ensure that they arrive in time for class.

By participating in this class you agree that all of the instructional materials are for personal use only and may not be copied or redistributed without prior written consent from Theresa Haddow, LLC.

Every artist is different so your work of art may look different than the one pictured.