Introduction to Hand & Brush Lettering

Introduction to Hand & Brush Lettering

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This class provides you all the supplies you need to get started with hand and brush lettering.

Fun things you’ll learn:

  • Basic Letter Forms
  • How to Hold Your Pen and Brush
  • Lettering Strokes
  • Brush Letter Alphabet
  • Connecting Letters to Form Words
  • Insider Tips from a Professional Artist (hey that’s me!)
  • Ways to Incorporate You Lettering in Your Everyday Life

What You Get:

  • #2 The Pigeon Letters Studio Round Brush
  • Micron Pen
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 10 Pan Watercolor Paint Palette (Filled with some of my favorite colors)
  • Downloadable Workbook with Printable Practice Sheets

About the Class:

This is an online workshop where you will be introduced to hand and brush lettering with at least 2 hours of live demonstrations and instruction.

You will be able to practice as you learn, making this a fun and interactive experience where all your questions will be answered.

When’s the Class:

You have options! You can join the live class on August 15th at 12PM CST but if you can’t make it there will be a replay available for all participants which means you have access to this information FOR LIFE!!