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Theresa Haddow



Growth is always in you.

Every experience in life has been a lesson that you've grown from along the way.

Your growth has shaped who you are today and this piece is here to remind you that you are in charge of who you grow into tomorrow.

One second, one minute, one hour, or one day at a time - you are growing at your own pace and you are timing it perfectly.

What are you manifesting? 

Your thoughts become your reality.

Allow yourself to clear your mind from all distractions for this moment in time.

Explore the meaning of the affirmation of the piece of art that is drawing you in the most in this moment.

Step into the painting and start to observe the images and colors in front of you. You’ll begin to experience the evolution of your manifestation becoming reality.

Take a deep breath.

Step back and look at the artwork as a whole. Notice how you now hold the knowledge and power to begin to embody your manifestation. 

Observe the opportunities that arise that help transform your manifestation into your reality.

This artwork is a part of my healing journey. In the event I have put any unprocessed negative energy into this piece during it's creation, before it was listed for sale a Reiki Master (a channel for source energy) holds a ceremony to ensure your artwork healed of any negative energy and protects the future energy of a piece that will be a part of your everyday life as it hangs in your space. 

$400 Original Available for purchase.
16x20 Alcohol Ink with Gold Foil on Canvas. Shipping Included in Price

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