The Goddess of Manifestation

The Goddess of Manifestation

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The Greek Goddess Hestia is the inspiration behind my Manifestation Series.

Very little is actually known about her even though she plays such a significant role in our lives (even today). 

To Protect Your Heart and Home

Hestia is one of the 12 Olympian Gods, she actually voluntarily stepped down to give her position to someone else because she preferred to be withdrawn from the godly affairs and knew that she would be happily welcomed into anyone's home.

Hestia is also one of the few virgin goddesses, and she is so by choice. In fact, two powerful men were fighting for her affection and she knew that regardless of the result it would end badly. She placed her hand on Zeus' head and vowed eternal virginity. As a gift for maintaining peace, Zeus granted her the powerful center place in homes where she would be served the first and richest portion of a human's offering.

What Magic Does She Bring To You?

Every ritual, sacrifice, feast, and prayer began with an offering to Hestia. This is because she is everywhere, looking after you and blessing you.

What You are Purchasing:

A Matted and Framed Original 12 x 18 Watercolor Painting with Goil Foil Accents. Price includes shipping in the United States.

Hestia's body is painted with watercolor that contains real amethyst. Amethyst represents protection, healing, purification, as well as helping get rid of negative thoughts.

Her long flowing hair represents your personal drive and achieving your goals.

The gold is a reminder that there is magic all around you, flowing from Hestia herself. 

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