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Creative Course Lab is now Open

My Mentor Peggy Has Made a Class Just for People like You and Me!

Please note that yes I am using an affiliate link which means that I will earn a commission if you buy through me. BUT I don't ever promote anything I don't 100% back and believe in (I’ve personally invested in this course and my bonuses are only available if you purchase through this link), and the Creative Course Lab is the only program you will ever need if you want to crush the digital course world.

Peggy Dean Creative Course Lab

What’s Creative Course Lab?
It’s a rule-breaking course framework that will explode your student engagement and retention.
This past year my business has been able to stay afloat because I started introducing classes to teach others something that I am passionate about, you know those virtual watercolor classes I’ve been hosting. I discovered a love for helping people which is why I know this investment will not only make me a better business owner but a better teacher and I want to invite you to join me on the journey because...
I know there is something incredible that you love to share with others. I know that there is something that you could teach someone to that would improve their lives. I know how much of an impact you can make in the world just by following your heart. And, I want to help you do just that, in the most efficient way possible, which how I know Creative Course Lab is perfect for you.
Peggy Dean Creative Course Lab 

I would love for you to join me on this adventure if you are ready to…

  1. Create a next-level course offer with big-picture student success that blows all digital classes out of the water
  2. Create consistent cash infusions & $5-figure base months that help turn your vision board into a reality
  3. Set up a strategic & effective promo plan to enroll students like you never have before
  4. Earn your spot at the very top with all the other badass course creators who decided it was time to elevate their passive income & say “HELL YES” to the next level (but umm you're gonna do it EVEN BETTER)
Creative Course Lab is all that stands between you and that ^
Creative Course Lab is like nothing that’s ever released before. This is next-level, “how did I ever create or even THINK to create online courses without this stuff?” material you won’t find anywhere else.
& the best part?
That wasn’t a typo.
Peggy is knocking off $300 (um... THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF) so YOU can create the cutting edge, immersive signature course framework you’ve been dreaming of & the cash infusions you DESERVE, without breaking the bank.
Your investment: $997 for 12 weeks of a rule-breaking course framework that will explode your student engagement and retention... I could go on...
Everyone else who decides to wait: $1297
Full disclosure: I don’t know when Creative Course Lab will launch again—but I do know it will NEVER come close to this price!


Knowing what a great compliment an accountability buddy brings to your success as a cutting edge online instructor - I’ve teamed up with Peggy Dean to include these bonuses FOR FREE.

What’s included when you sign up for Theresa Haddow’s Accountability Group:

1. 3 One - on - One Personal Strategy Calls - One at the start of the course, one in the middle of the course, and one at the end of the course.

  • Each Strategy call will give you a chance to regroup and focus in on what you can do to take action in your business NOW.
    • These Strategy calls can be about anything you want! Business ownership is tough and you don’t know what you don’t know. I’m sure there is an area in your business where you could use a little push.
How do I know it will help?

Because I’m going through it too! I started this business not knowing much besides - I have a passion and I want to share it. I truly believe that creativity heals. I can’t think of a better way to touch the world than by sharing something that brings joy with someone else.

Note about the strategy sessions - This is a limited time bonus and only available for students who enroll using my affiliate code from October 19th-October 24th.

2. Private Group For Individual’s that sign up through my code.

  • Why is this an amazing bonus? Well, everyone is at a different stage of their business and I know that Peggy is going to devote all of her time and attention into the students that invest in her, but I know you have more questions (let’s just be honest, it’s cool, I will too!) and what this group will allow is more in depth conversations that can help you along the way.
  • I will personally be moderating this group and well, let’s just say, when someone has a problem “Yo I’ll Solve It,” is pretty much my mantra.
  • There are going to be a lot of fun things happening inside the group too, so it will be like our cool secret club inside Peggy’s amazing school of knowledge that she has created for us (and I know how much you’ve always wanted to be part of a cool secret club).

    3. Weekly Group Accountability Calls -We are students and we all get lost along the way, we have life going on and we are running a business!

    • These weekly calls will give you a chance to focus and make sure you are implementing the things that you are learning, no excuses, even if it is one small thing. There is power in telling someone you are going to do the thing and then coming back and celebrating that you did it or what you learned along the way.
    • Let’s create a community, cheer each other on, while we make sure we keep showing up for ourselves and our business.

    4. Live Hot Seats

      • Everyone who signs up to be in my group will get a chance to apply for one of four hot seats.
      • What’s a Hot Seat you ask?
        • Well it’s a chance for you to show off how far you’ve come in your business to the group while we also get together and brainstorm ways to work through something that you may be struggling with in your business.
        • Hot Seats are great for everyone to attend even if you aren’t chosen to be featured. They will give you a chance to look inside the backend of someone’s business. You never know what could spark an idea or change your workflow!
      • Since the Hot Seats are live, you’ll also get a chance to ask questions on how you could implement something that you see in your own business.

        5. A Peek Into My Workflow

        • Now, I am not perfect by any means, but I have made a lot of progress in my business. I mean I do run two, while parenting a child at home. The things that have helped are systems and processes.
        • Do you know how many times my computer was too full of files and I got that dreaded message that there’s no room to edit videos? What do you even do when that happens? And how do you organize stuff so it makes sense when you want to revisit it 3 year later (when you are finally ready to repurpose it, don’t do that, repurpose it way sooner than that, look we are learning from me already)? What do you do with all of the ideas that you have for different products or course? How do you make sure you rinse and repeat so you aren’t reinventing the wheel each and every time
        • Well, I’m going to show you! The things that have worked for me anyway. The systems that I have learned over the years has made it so someone who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until 6 months ago could grow and scale her business, which means I know I can teach you how to do it too.
        • This will be a prerecorded video where share the behind the scenes of what makes my business continue to work and grow.

        I am a helper, I have inspired a ton of business owners with ideas that moved the needle forward in their own business. I will get passionately invested in your business and provide you tools to help it grow while we work together through Creative Course Lab.

        Aka you purchase Creative Course Lab HERE, and I’ll send you my Bonuses that are valued at $495 absolutely free.
        But, if you don’t purchase through me, we won’t know where you came from, and I won’t be able to grant you access.
        Yes. This means I'm using an affiliate link and will earn a commission if you buy through me. BUT I don't ever promote anything I don't 100% back and believe in, and the Creative Course Lab is the only program you will ever need if you want to crush the digital course world.
        This is your nudge from The Universe to finally take that leap & open the door to all the possibilities waiting on the other side