Study Series

We all need to practice every now and again, but there is no reason why you shouldn't benefit from my studying!

Here is where I will list my art studies that I have available for purchase.

What is an art study?

It's basically a practice run. Depending on the medium an artist is using there are many ways they can go about practicing their works before they release a final collection.

Before a collection is released, you will find me practicing tirelessly to transform the idea and picture that I see in my head into a work that I deem acceptable to sell. Sometimes these ideas don't work out, the color collection doesn't turn out to my personal liking, or there is some other reason why I deem the work to not convey the message that I am sending.

These are all original works of art, which mean there are flaws and each item is sold as it. No prints of these pieces will be available for sale, but I as the artist reserve the right to reproduce the artwork in whole or in part as I see fit.