The First Afternoon - And a Lesson in Why NOT to bring a Duffle Bag

The First Afternoon - And a Lesson in Why NOT to bring a Duffle Bag

Alright, I finally found my friend Christina and we stashed away our luggage.

I don’t know if it was the anxiety, lack of sleep, car sickness, or dehydration but in the Uber on the way to meet my friend I got sick. I felt so bad for the driver because well that’s literally someone’s worst nightmare, but luckily we were stopped in traffic so I was able to not get his car all dirty.

And man oh man, if I didn’t love this man already. He was so very concerned about me and did what he could to make sure that I was feeling better and ensured that I had nothing to be embarrassed about (although let’s be honest, no words can cure that horror).

Because my flight came in a little late and I got tremendously lost trying to find my Uber we missed the reservations that we had made for lunch. We still had a couple hours until we could check into our AirBnB so we asked the front desk attendant for a restaurant recommendation.

Just around the corner was the cutest little restaurant. The waitress let us know that they were about to close. You see in France restaurants close around 3 to prep for dinner service.

She took pity on some weary travelers and let us know the selections we could choose from and we were super happy with a charcuterie board, Aperol Spritz, and of course some French Fries (I mean when in France you have to get French Fries right?!?).

After lunch we took a little walk and did some window shopping.

There was a little store that I didn’t even know if it was open but the windows were full of some of the coolest jewelry I’ve ever seen.

I attempted to open the door and we were immediately greeted by the sweetest woman. After admiring the jewelry for a moment we soon found out that she owned the store. She was a jewelry maker herself and she made sure that the jewelry that she stocked was made by woman who also lived in Paris.

It was amazing to hear her show off all the different jewelry as she shared each artist’s process and inspiration.

Christina and I knew we had to get something. She found the cutest pair of earrings and I finally settled on a ring that had about 10 little citrine stones in them. It fit my pinky perfectly and I instantly fell in love.

After we wandered into a little market where we were encouraged to try cucamelons. We were gawking over how cute they were. And man oh man at the back of the store there was an entire wall dedicated to CHEESE.

Before long we fell into a chocolate shop where they were pleased to give us samples. I definitely understand why chocolate in Europe is considered better. Everything was so delicious.

Then it was time to go check into our AirBnB. We decided because it was nice out that we could walk. This is where the hilarity begins.

Did I ever tell you how much my duffle bag weighed?

50 pounds. That’s 5 pounds more than my child.

Do you know what makes a rolly suitcase very top heavy and hard to maneuver? Putting a 50 pound bag of random stuff on top.

Between the size, top heaviness, and the cobblestone every crack and bump almost sent my stuff flying all over the streets of Paris.

It was hilarious. I’m sure we were a sight to be seen with my suitcase almost tipping over at every step. And like clockwork as soon as Christina mentioned how she was wearing shorts under her dress she had a fully Marilyn Monroe moment and a gust of wind from a grate below gave all of Paris a nice view of said shorts.

We finally made it to our AirBnB and we were in awe of the view. It was literally better than I could have imagined.


After we dropped off our stuff we it was time to go get dinner.

We didn’t have a set plan so we went on a little walk. I saw a little alley way that led to a restaurant and they had room for us so we sat down for dinner.

The food was so very good.

Because we had a lot of things scheduled for the next day we opted to go home early so we could start our exploring!

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