How to Draw a Mouse: A Tutorial in Procreate

How to Draw a Mouse: A Tutorial in Procreate

Have you ever wanted learn to draw a mouse, while we explore and learn procreate?

As an added bonus, in the tutorial I share a natural remedy to keep mice out of your space that has been tried and tested by yours truly (because we don’t like hurting our animal friends around here).


Follow along using your Ipad or own supplies in this step-by-step blog post, or watch the video!

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Step 1: Sketch A Mouse

Since the mouse is going to be the only thing in our completed piece, make sure it takes up the entire page. 


I specifically picked a mouse for this project because in Peggy’s Animal Line Drawing Book, she does such a fun job of showing how easy it is to recreate a cute little mouse, specifically the head.


Step By Step Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Step 2: Add Colors In Small Sections

On a new layer pick a color of the rainbow (I started with yellow) and your TPL Gouache Brush.

Trace over your sketch layer with the Gouache Brush. You will want these lines to have thick and thin parts to replicate what this piece would look like if we were using actual watercolor or gouache. (Try and think the areas where the color is being placed is where there would be extra shadow if your piece was in black and white). 

Continue with the next color of the rainbow. Make sure each color is on it’s own layer.

Easy Procreate Lesson for Beginners


Step 3: Use Smudge Tool To Blend Colors

Once you have two colors next to each other use the Smudge Tool to soften the edges of each color and blend them together.


Procreate Tips for Beginners

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3

Continue adding layers of color and blending them together until the entire mouse is outlined and all of the colors of the rainbow are used!

Make sure you don’t forget the tail!

Step 5: Add Facial Features

Your mouse needs a face!

Using black add the eyes, nose and whiskers. (I added eyelashes, because my mouse is a lady)

Then, add a small white c shape for the whites of the eye.

Learn to Draw a Mouse

Step 6: Admire Your Work!

Simple Drawing TutorialOh yes, I bet your little mouse friend is perfect!

Also, as promised, if you missed it in the video, I shared how we recently discovered that we had a mouse family living in our garage. 

I was adamant on not getting an exterminator because I didn’t want the mice to suffer. I did what any other human would do and asked my friends on Instagram if they had any home remedies that they could recommend and I was surprised by how many people suggested peppermint essential oil. After we discovered where our mouse family was living and scared them away, I was tasked with oil distribution (because there was no way I was dealing with the other stuff) and I can happily confirm that we no longer have a mouse in our house (or 6, but who was counting).

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