Alcohol Ink Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Using Alcohol Ink

In this alcohol ink tutorial I will be sharing a beginner alcohol ink project to introduce you to this unique medium. While this is an alcohol ink tutorial for beginners, there are a couple advanced alcohol ink techniques
that I also share in order for you to explore. This abstract medium allows you to play as you watch how the colors whimsically fold into one another like magic.

It’s no surprise that when I was asked to be a part of The Pigeon Letters Design Team that I had to share the process of how to make Alcohol Ink Paintings with our creative community.

Here is the process so you can follow along for yourself! Please note that these are affiliate links which means I make a small amount for testing and recommending  these products. 

Everything You Need to Get Started With Alcohol Ink:

Alcohol Ink Tutorial for Beginners Video:

Step 1: Drop alcohol on paper and drip ink inside.

The alcohol is what is used to get the pigment to move across the surface. By placing the alcohol down first you are allowing the color to move freely.

Step 2: Use Alcohol Ink Blower

By blowing air on the pigment you are able to move the color and explore all the different shades and dimensions you can make.


You can add more alcohol to make the color less concentrated and spread more easily. 


Step 3: On a Blank Spot on Your Surface Add More Alcohol and a Second Color

Move to a blank spot on your surface and follow steps 1 and 2 to incorporate the Wild Plum and see if you can get it to mix a little with Stream to see what colors you can make.


Step 4: Fill in Surface with Alcohol and Third Color

Watch how these colors blend together. One of the reasons why I invest in Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Sets (Insert Link Here) is because I never have to guess on if the colors will blend well together, they all are seamless and work together beautifully. 


Step 5: Admire Your Work!

Once you are done blending and playing, set your painting aside to dry. You will want to seal your work so it doesn’t get ruined, alcohol ink does need to be sealed to protect it from getting reactivated from products that may contain alcohol.

There are a number of sealing options that are available. One option is Resin. Other options are Mod Podge or Krylon Spray (Make sure to check the ingredients that whatever sealant you are using does not contain any alcohol because it will reactivate the paint).

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