Artwork Journal | Watercolor Succulents

Inspiration really can be found everywhere.

The inspiration for this succulent piece was from a stock photo in a picture frame that I saw while walking through JoAnn’s. I was trying to come up with new ideas for pieces because for the month of July my work is up at an AMAZING local jewelry store .

It was a BIG wall to fill and because I get so many questions about me doing large pieces, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to stretch my wings as an artist and give the people what they want! You all LOVE my succulents and large scale pieces that I’ve done on commission so this was the best time to combine the two!

Check out the video so you can see what else I’ve been up to and how the piece came to life!

This piece is available for purchase!

Watercolor Succulents.jpg

A Reminder To Chase Your Dreams

We’ve all faced failure and adversity . I am starting to learn that it’s how you turn those hard times into lessons that you take with you into the future.

But how many times have you let that failure or adversity dictate your dream? You are met with some sort of roadblock and you change paths and directions so much that your original goal is long forgotten.

Now this is a little different than dreams that aren’t based in reality, like I will never be able to make it as a supermodel walking the runway when I measure in at barely 5’3.

What I’m talking about are those real attainable goals that you push aside because they get to hard to reach for.

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Recycled Shoe Planter DIY

You ever have a random idea for a craft and you think “hmmm, I wonder if that will actually work?”

This happens to me ALL THE TIME and well, most of the time I get halfway through the activity and discover that nope, in fact physics or science or some other factor that I haven’t accounted for will make it so the craft will in fact not actually work.

That’s why whenever an idea does happen to pan out I get so freaking excited! I want to shout my success from the rooftops, even though now I realize that maybe this isn’t that difficult of a craft after all. But it is real cute.

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I Met My Crafting Mentor, Amy Tangerine!

You may or may not remember but last month was my birthday. It was kind of crazy because I had just been asked to be a live audience member for Rachel Hollis’ business coaching and I felt like life couldn’t get much better.

But then, I got an email. Amy Tangerine was hosting a stamping event at Erin Condren!

I am not sure how long you have followed along here, but if it has been any period of time then you know I love me some Amy Tangerine and some Erin Condren. It was like the universe knew exactly what I needed an extra boost of, so I bought tickets as a birthday gift to myself.

Now, the event wasn’t for another month so I patiently waited. I reviewed Amy’s amazing book Craft a Life You Love. (I do use affiliate links which means I get a small percentage from the company at no extra cost to you) As I say in the video below this book really did have a significant impact on what I am doing today. When I found her book I was at a turning point or deciding to go back to work a 9 - 5 or attempting to believe in myself and see if I can create a business out of following my passions. Amy doesn’t just empower you in her book though, if you follow her on social media and youtube you will find yourself surrounded with inspiration to find time create. She has always inspired me to try something new and I remember back when I was pregnant with Euan buying her hand lettering guide as a way to decompress. (I would link the guide but it is no longer available).

When the time for the event finally came I was giddy. Amy and I had been messaging on Instagram for a while so I knew she at least knew of my existence. Meeting her was amazing. She is nicer than you could ever imagine and she greeted me with a hug within the first 5 seconds of seeing me because she said that she felt like we were already close friends. Amy spent so much one on one time with us at the event. She listened to the impact that she has had on all of our lives. As a gift to her I gave her a hummingbird painting that I had completed. If you follow Amy then you know the importance that hummingbirds have in her life so it was a nice way for me to honor the creative impact she has had on me.

Overall the event exceeded expectations. Here is the video that I made to commemorate it.

Here is a list of resources if you want to start crafting like Amy:

Travel Watercolor Set

Amy Tangerine X Erin Condren *Get $10 off your order using this link

Follow Amy on Instagram or her Website.

Shout out to the amazing photographer Thao Lou

#the100dayproject | A Year Later

Time truly flies when you are having fun! It is hard to believe it is a little over a year since I made the decision to dedicate my time to solely painting in watercolor.

What’s #the100dayproject?

In the below video I explain what #the100dayproject is. I share how I found out about the project, why I choose watercolor and what I’m doing this year for the

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Complementary Colors | Easy Watercolor Tips for Beginners

This week’s lesson is so very exciting because I HAVE A FREE DOWNLOAD FOR YOU!

I know how much you enjoy watching how I create my pieces so I thought it would be fun to take you along the ride of this piece I did when I was in a little bit of a creative rut. I needed some time to let my mind run free and this was the perfect piece to do it!

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Mixing Colors | Easy Watercolor Tips for Beginners

To continue on from last week’s lesson I thought it would be fun to talk a little more about the color theory and mixing colors. Now I like to mix colors on paper using the wet on wet technique as I show you here but I also sometimes mix the color on my pallet if I know I am going to use a lot of a particular color that I don’t have on hand I want it too look a certain way throughout my whole piece (but we can get into that at a later lesson).

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Easy Watercolor Tips for Beginners | Wet on Wet & Wet on Dry Technique

I often get asked by people if I can share my tips and tricks for watercoloring with them. Since I love to teach especially when it’s something that I love I thought a fun video series would be the way to do it. I do believe that before you jump right into your next craft adventure that you do need to know a little bit about the basics before you dive right in, that is why last week I shared all about the color theory. This week we are taking about:

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A Year Later | A Reflection on Our Lip and Tongue Tie Story

Back when I just started this blog, the main purpose was to share my story of how I have worked through and overcame obstacles that I’ve faced in my life. I believe this is so important because I know if I have struggled, then there are others who may have or are currently struggling with the same things that I am. If by sharing how I worked through the problem and came out the other side speaks to one mom, then all of this is worth it.

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Top 4 Places to Find Art for Your Home

I have a confession to make.

It’s actually something that may make you upset, but I want you to know that regardless I love you even if you are wrong, hahaha. (This is a time I wish that sarcasm was easily translated though text.) There is a place in Target that enrages me. *I will also note that this does contain affiliate links, all that means is if you buy something from the link I provides I receive a small thank you for linking the company at no cost to you. The part of Target and JoAnnes and all those other large retailers all have the same section that makes my heart particularly sad…the remade art section.

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Artwork Journal | Color Theory

One of my favorite things about art and particularly playing with paint is seeing how the colors mix together and blend into something completely different and new. Now I know that we all remember learning all about colors when we were younger but I bet it’s been a while since you’ve picked up a paint brush and mixed some colors together.

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